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The Results

100% iPad integration for all students

The availability of—and ability to use—technology is a fundamental part of the World Communications Charter School experience. Each high school student is issued an iPad, a tool we believe has effectively revolutionized the educational experience. The iPads facilitate students’ participation in technology courses and expand their ability to communicate and operate as a member of the online community.


100% Student Participation in Project-Based Learning

As a dynamic approach to teaching, Project-Based Learning enables students to explore problems and challenges in much the same way they will encounter and deal with them in the real world. Within this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are studying.


95% Graduation Rate

As stated previously, World Communications Charter School is a means to an end. Our planning, passion, and processes aim to deliver our students successfully to the day of graduation. And by all measures, we succeed admirably in this regard; 95% of those who attend World Communications Charter School successfully complete our rigorous academic program.